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The three stages of doing homework

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"Your paper must be more than one page long!"


"Your paper must be more than one page long!"

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"feat eminem"

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What? Bisexual? She can’t be bisexual, you’re only bisexual if you’re actively fucking two people of two differing genders at the same exact time. The moment you stop fucking them you’re suddenly not bi anymore. It’s science.

I suppose that means we bi people exist in quantum superposition until someone observes us having sex.

Schrodinger’s Sexuality

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shocking revelations


shocking revelations

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  • two songs
  • two bands
  • two actors
  • two actresses
  • two singers
  • two movies
  • two books
  • two characters
  • two ships
  • two shows
  • two kinks
  • two anything

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Fucking Wesley the sass master, here.

Because there is never enough Princess Bride.  Ever.

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